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At Physio North NT, we cater for a broad range of Darwin residents -  from younger athletes to office workers and mature aged clients. We offer a comprehensive selection of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, so we can be sure to find the treatment that's right for you. Explore our services below and call us to find out more. 

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Our Physiotherapy Services

Joint Mobilisation

Our team specialises in joint mobilisation, a technique used to restore the movement of joints to their full capacity. If you are experiencing pain, tightness or limited motion in your joints, then you could really benefit from this treatment. 

Trigger Point and Soft Tissue Release

If you are struggling with muscle or tissue pain, a trigger point and soft tissue massage could be right for you. The aim of our therapists is to relieve tension and stiffness and increase flexibility. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique used by a range of therapeutic disciplines to treat muscle tissue. Our goal is reduce pain, increase flexibility, restore function and reactivate joints. We often use it in conjunction with other treatments as part of a comprehensive support plan. 

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy utilises therapeutic ultrasound to warm and relax muscles and increase blood flow. In these short sessions we will use a probe to massage the effected area with a warm gel. 

Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

An ergonomic assessment is an overview of a worker and their place of work. We can advise that an employee is using the correct posture and that their desk or work area is properly set up. Our aim will be to reduce worker's exposure to hazards, poor posture and repetitive movement. 


Cupping is a form of alternative medicine therapy. Cups are applied to the effected area to create suction which can assist with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and deep-tissue release. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is used to determine your capacity to function in a variety of circumstances. Our therapists will run a series of comprehensive tests to understand your current physical capacity and how this may effect your employment. 

Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Our team of physiotherapists will guide you through your pre and post-surgical recovery process. We will work with you to ensure a fully informed and comprehensive rehabilitation plan to help you make the best recovery possible.

Our Fee Structure 

Initial Consultation - $115
Subsequent Consultation - $95 
Extended Consultation - $140

We welcome the following

Self referred Clients
Referrals from doctors and other health professionals
Workplace injuries

Motor Accident Compensation (MAC)

Medicare - Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)


Please note, we are NOT a bulk billing Practice


Referrals are required for:

Workers compensation

Motor Accident compensation

Medicare funded treatments (including DVA)

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